Glee: Two Thumbs Up For A Refreshing Idea But One Hand Over My Eyes For Bringing The Awkward!

It seems that everyone is talking about the show Glee lately and I must say that the concept and content of Glee is both progressive and refreshing.  For those who haven’t seen the show, Glee is about a glee club that struggles to find their way in an athletically centered high school.  In their daily lives, the glee club address a number of sensitive issues like teen pregnancy, bullying and racism while putting their own spin on popular songs along the way.

On paper, I am a huge fan of this show and in many regards I actually do like it but GOD does it bring the awkward on a consistent basis!  One of my favourite things about live theatre is closely watching the ensemble as they over act and desperately try to upstage the stars of the show.  Glee provides me this same joy on a weekly basis every time they break into another musical number.  The rather flamboyant character Kurt is the best to watch in my opinion.

Despite every character in the show having the acting talent of the ensemble of Cats, the main character Mr. Schuester brings the awkward like no other.  It’s honestly tough to describe how awkward this guy is unless you’ve seen the show, but picture John McCain, Monica Lewinsky, Big Country Reeves and Dr. Phil having a kitchen dance party naked and that’s pretty much how I feel every time Mr. Schuester appears on screen.

3 Responses to “Glee: Two Thumbs Up For A Refreshing Idea But One Hand Over My Eyes For Bringing The Awkward!”

  1. jbeirnes Says:

    I love love love Glee but this video clip did in fact make me cringe……so much so that as soon as I realized what it was of I had to turn it off.

  2. Woops I was logged in as Jord there…so the above comment is in fact from myself.

  3. Who knows where else she’s logged in as Jord, eh? Better nip that one in the bud…

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