Gary Bettman VS. Pee Wee Herman in an ALL OUT DEATH MATCH!

Without question the fight of the century is taking place tomorrow night at UFC 115 in Vancouver, BC.  The highly anticipated match will see the Commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman take on the star of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Pee Wee Herman in an all out death match.  The unadvertised and highly controversial match will commence at 8 pm (PT) in the concourse of GM Place and is expected to draw fans from all over the world.

The match is expected to be highly contested with an end result easily going either way.  Both combatants have exactly the same specs, fighting style and haircut.  The only factors that could reduce the overall quality of this fight are Bettman’s strong desire to move the fight to Glendale, Arizona and the fact that Gary Bettman and Pee Wee Herman are the EXACT SAME PERSON!  Consequently, spectators will have a real life Fight Club on their hands.

Pee Wee Herman will take the match of the century compliments of a challenge to Bettman to not shake his head while he speaks.  Bettman will become so frustrated by his inability to perform such a simple task that he will kill himself by overdosing on overpriced cotton candy and bottled water.

A death match for the ages!

3 Responses to “Gary Bettman VS. Pee Wee Herman in an ALL OUT DEATH MATCH!”

  1. Boot, two things:

    1) Amazing post! Will be on the edge of my seat for that fight.

    2) Subscribed via the box on the side of the blog homepage and got this update straight to my inbox. Big Win!

  2. p.s. Have you ever noticed that Bettman/Herman both look like vampires on account of their window’s peak and lack of skin pigmentation?

  3. Craigrivard Says:

    Gary bettmen

    why are you goign too put the nhl in trouble. You know that if theirs another lockout. You are just putting the nhl in danger. I think they schould fire you. Because yuo are not the right guy for the job. You are just doing bad for the nhl.

    thanks craigf adam rivard

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