Big Harbour Gossip

There is no down time for Theodore Tugboat in the ‘Big Harbour’.  He lives at the dock on the Halifax waterfront but travels deep into the Narrows performing daily tasks to help keep the harbour clear of smart-ass ships and ding bat cargo.

Just the other day he sailed into the narrows past my apartment so I invited him in for a beer.  He said he would be fine with a liter of diesel so that is what he got.  We sat and shot the bull for a bit and then he broke down and started to cry and go on about how Emily left him and that she had been having an affair with George since like 1998.  He said he was always a little suspicious but decided to confront her about it after seeing them rubbing tires in the Basin.  Anyway,

the guy was rightfully pretty bent out of shape about the whole thing.  However, he sailed past my apartment about an hour ago with a big shit-eating grin on his face (pictured).  Apparently, him and Lucy have been tugging containers a lot lately and spent last night tooting their horns (apparently that’s a pretty big deal for tug boats). So, it sounds like he is back on the waves and tuggin’ his non-existent ass off.

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