Pregnant Padme Must Be

The best thing about American holidays is that Spike TV always plays a marathon of something that I like, a.k.a. Band of Brothers or Star Wars. I took in a few too many rays on Saturday so I was content to hide myself from the sun on Sunday. Luckily, it was Star Wars turn in the rotation on Spike for the 4th of July marathon. I tuned into the bi-trilogy with about 30 minutes left in The Phantom Menace. From that point on I watched bits and pieces of four different Star Wars movies up to A New Hope. I’ve seen every Star Wars movie several times but it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized the inconsistencies of the Jedi and the Star Wars movies in general.

Jedi have the capability of thought manipulation, they can stop a laser with a light saber, they can be standing 50 meters away from their light saber and make it fly through the air into their hand, they are better at acrobatics than most performers in Cirque de Soleil, they can sense things that are going on in another galaxy and the movements of people around them but for some reason not one Jedi could sense that Anakin was banging Padme and that she was pregnant. Apparently Jedi have zero paternal instincts. When Padme lost the will to live, the robot/horse doctor that was looking after her told the Jedi “brass” that they would have to operate now if they were going to save the babies. The Jedi were standing there dumbfounded saying things like, “Babies?” “Whose babies?” “What’s a baby?” Even Yoda was clueless; he could sense the evil in Anakin but not the babies inside Padme. Also, how does a seemingly healthy person in their late 20s just lose the will to live and die 5 minutes later?

I’m starting to think Star Wars isn’t very realistic.

3 Responses to “Pregnant Padme Must Be”

  1. Just read this to the boys in my office. We all had a good laugh. Thanks for making me look cool at work 🙂

  2. That’s a crushing realization to come to I know.

  3. I think you all need to watch this. There’s a good message here…

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