Chili Pepper Cat

An interesting story out of Buffalo, NY surfaced today.  Apparently a guy was pulled over by police for some traffic violation or another.  Upon questioning, the officer heard a noise from the trunk and asked the man to open his truck.  It was then revealed that there was a cat in the trunk soaking in a pot of marinade.  When asked why the cat was marinating in a crushed red pepper, chili pepper, salt and oil marinade the man contested that the cat had been “mean” to him earlier in the day.  I don’t think the guy ever admitted to it but authorities assumed he was going to cook the cat up as a meal.  Surely, this guy’s form of punishment for cats isn’t just to marinade them and give them a bath after they’ve learned their lesson. 

This is one of the most outrageous stories I’ve heard in a while.  I’m not a chef by any means but I’m pretty sure you can’t marinade a living animal that still has its fur.  I feel as though the marinade just wouldn’t take.  Also, I don’t think cats are good eatin’.  The marinade does sound tasty though so I might give that a whirl in the future. 

I couldn’t decide which category to place this article in so let the record show that marinating cats really grinds my gears.

One Response to “Chili Pepper Cat”

  1. His excuse should have been that the cat enjoyed a good marinade, for exfoliating and muscle relaxation. Do you know what sort of pot this cat was in? Cause I think if the cat really didn’t like it, he probably could have jumped out of the marinade.

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