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August 3rd: This Day in History.

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August 3rd has featured some remarkable events and proven a significant date throughout history.  Here at The Whole Ball of Wax we  obsess over historical events and wish to share some of our favourites from August 3rd.

On August 3, 1492 Christopher Columbus commenced his expedition to find a water route to Asia from Palos de la Frontera, Spain.  This was of course the journey that saw Columbus accidently stumble across Central America.

On August 3, 1914 Germany declared war on France.

On August 3, 1934 Adolf Hitler became the supreme leader of Germany when he joined the offices of President and Chancellor into Fuhrer.  Two years later on this same day American Jesse Owns won the mens 100 m dash at the Berlin Olympics only to have Hitler himself refuse to present the gold medal to the African American Owens who defeated Germany’s Ralph Metcalfe.

On August 3, 1949 the National Basketball Association (NBA) was founded.

Despite the historical importance of all these events my personal favouirite has to be August 3, 1984 when a baby was born in an Alberta hospital nose first wearing Oakley sunglasses and wearing a fine Swiss timepiece.  The newborn was also sweating profusely.

Happy Birthday Hub!  You have the distinction of  sharing this date of birth with CFL great and future Ottawa Roughrider Jesse Lumsden!


Lobster Rockstar

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As far as I know the entire country is celebrating a fake holiday right now.  In Halifax they call it Natal Day which is apparently the birthday of Halifax and Dartmouth.  I’m sure it’s not actually either cities birthday but I’ll take the day of work regardless.  The neighbouring cities threw a reasonable party complete with beer tents and free concerts.  The one concert featured Matt Mays so I decided to take it in.  They played a pretty good show (although the sound system was junk for an outdoor concert) and included “Cocaine Cowgirl” in the set list, which is my favourite tune of theirs by far.

As the Matt Mays set concluded and the sky filled with darkness I was reminded of the Pearl Jam video  “Even Flow”.  During the solo of that video Eddie Vedder scales a wall, climbs on some pipes and then vaults himself into the crowd from a private box.  It’s pretty epic and still makes me wish I were a rock star today.  That said, bands on the East Coast do things similar to the Pearl Jam video but incorporate a nautical theme.  For example, half way through the last Matt Mays song, Matt Mays disappeared from the stage momentarily only to be seen moments later scaling a buoy on the shore of the harbor.  That would have been pretty cool on its own but Matt Mays proceeded to set a lobster trap, toss it in the harbor, and fish for mackerel while the trap soaked.  All the while, fireworks were raining down on the hated Mays.  By the time the fireworks were over, Matt Mays was serving freshly boiled lobster and smoked mackerel to the front three rows.  Epic!

Pool of Death

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There was an article on earlier this week about how living an anti-social life is as detrimental to your health as smoking… turns out I’ve been hacking about 15 darts a day since moving to Halifax seven months ago.  In an attempt to curb my smoking habit the LC has been chaperoning me on a series of man dates as of late.   Thursday included a rousing 8-person game of Cranium complete with beer drinking, high fives and laughs.  According to, meeting, high fiving and laughing with 6 new people in one night is equivalent to running 20 km, eating an entire chicken breast and drinking a glass of juice made with the juice machine sponsored by the guy with the crazy eyebrows.  It turns out that social interaction is like wearing the patch for yard sticks like myself.

The conversation topics of the night danced around from subject to subject but the topic that really caught my interest was when one guy revealed that he was in a celebrity death pool.  Apparently this works just like a hockey pool but you draft celebrities that you think are likely to die in the near future.  This guy had accumulated 14 points for successfully picking Dennis Hopper to die. I’m not sure where the 14 points came from but that’s what he said he was awarded.  It sounds like these pools are pools of patience because this guy had been in his for well over a year.

My top 5 celebrity death picks:

  • Gary Busey                 18 Points
  • Mick Jagger                14 Points
  • OJ Simpson                27 Points
  • Courtney Love            10 Points
  • Lindsay Lohan            43 Points
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