In Your Face Bitch! In Your Face!

I was shown this video last night and had to post it.  My three favourite parts in the video include the following:

1.  The video is called “Hot Girl Gets Watermelon in the Face – OUCH!”  It should be called “Average Looking Whiny Girl Gets What She Deserves… IN THE FACE!”

2. In the slow motion shot it looks like the average looking girl’s head actually falls off her body… that would have been awesome!

3.  After the average looking girl gets a full load in the face, notice the jester in the background step out of character and walk up to her looking around to see if it’s ok that he step out of character because the average looking girls head just fell off her body.

I’ve never watched the Amazing Race and I don’t think I will start because I can’t see it getting any more entertaining than this one minute and eleven second clip.


5 Responses to “In Your Face Bitch! In Your Face!”

  1. OOOOO!! That had to hurt—a lot! Maybe a good game for the next Beirnes reunion!

  2. Oh my god boot that was the funnies post you have had yet. I mean the vid was funny but the commentary was AMAZING! Tears in my eyes pal.

  3. Seriously man, Whole Ball of Wax when above and beyond this time. Still laughing over here.

  4. They don’t call it the amazing race for nothing.

  5. […] by the always titillating Desperate Housewives;  CBS is showing The Amazing Race 17 which promises watermelons in the face or your money back; NBC and TSN are both showing the Jets and the Dolphins; Sportsnet has Eight […]

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