Miss U.S.A – Making Women Feel Smarter Since 1952

Question:  Do beauty pageants such as Miss USA degrade women?

Answer:  I personally believe that people like Martin Luther King and Kings and Queens are U.S. American’s that just know what they want. In U.S. America we are lucky to have people like these that set such good examples for people like these as such.  Some countries in Asia like South Africa and other countries like these such as, don’t have people with good examples and people so it is imporant for U.S. American to have pageants to show them and the Iraqs what U.S. American’s are for of.  I know for myself, the Iraqs are a dangerous place and that’s why we need to support our troops and bring them home because I am just so proud to be of U.S. America as such as.

Thank you.

This post is brought to you by the intelligence demonstrate in this video.  Note AC Slater’s smirk at the end of it.


One Response to “Miss U.S.A – Making Women Feel Smarter Since 1952”

  1. At this moment I am embarassed to be a woman. I would be more embarassed to be an American woman— but then again maybe they think this is a terrific answer.

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