Bowling – East Coast Style

Due to popular demand here’s my second video blog.  The LC and I went on a double date to the local bowlarama and I had to record a video of just how ghetto the bowling situation is here on the East Coast.  People in the Maritimes are so in the dark about bowling technology they speak of automatic scoring like it is science fiction and refer to real 10-pin bowling as “Big Ball Bowling”.

Great fisherman on the East Coast though… so they have that going for them.

7 Responses to “Bowling – East Coast Style”

  1. that is ancient. the score card reminds me of when I kept score for the first time at a Jays game last Monday. It was quite a rewarding experience as another fan caught sight that I was keeping score and asked me what two batters did while he was taking a leak. Therefore I am now keeping score for every Blue Jay game I now attend in the future. Which may declare me as a loser.

  2. That reminds me of the Molesworth bowling alley back in the early 90’s.

  3. Quipper, those are the actions of a former Jr. Jay.

  4. I’m a better bowler than Sly so…

  5. I was just waiting for that one Kees. I’ll take you and The Three Stooges on. Name the time and place buddy.

  6. This one screams…WWMD

  7. Apparently this is called candlestick bowling- I learned that from Brad at the Molesworth Lanes

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