I saw about the first two minutes of the MTV Music Video Awards the other night and that was more then enough for me.  At that part of the show Lady Gaga was dressed like a rooster which I felt was a little over the top.  I also felt really bad for the dude sitting behind her because her rooster hat was completely obstructing his view.  I woke up the next day to hear on the radio that later in the night Lady Gaga changed into a dress made of meat and accessorized with a meat handbag.   People keep talking about how outrageous and cutting edge Lady Gaga is and continue to compare her innovative style to that of Madonna in the 80s.  What no one has seemed to notice about Lady Gaga’s meat dress is how cheap it was.   As far as I can tell all she did was throw her skanky labia over her shoulders and call it a dress.

Yep… I just went there!


One Response to “Curtains”

  1. Amen Jord!!!!! On FM96 they had a girl on the show do a lady gaga style meat dress for 250.00 bucks!!!! 3 pieces of steak and bacon strips!!!! What people won’t do for money these days!!!

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