State of Emergency has Newfoundlander’s Jonesin’ for a Cold Drink

The Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland was pounded by Hurricane Igor today, which caused a number of towns and cities to declare states of emergency.  After seeing the damage and hearing the personal stories of many Newfoundlanders, it made me thankful that Hurricane Earl was such a joke when it passed over Halifax a couple of weeks ago.

There was the one man who’s abandoned boat and fishing nets blew into his neighbours yard.  Now the army will have to be called in to move the boat back to its rightful place on the guy’s front yard.

There was the other guy whose sitting pale had to be flipped right side up to catch the water leaking through his ceiling.  Now the guy has nowhere to sit and will be forced to stand until Igor has cleared the area.

There was the one house whose street side mailbox disappeared.  Where is the welfare cheque going to go now?  One things for sure, the mailman isn’t going to go out of his way to deliver the cheque unless this house gets a new mailbox pronto.

The most devastating and region wide problem is the loss of power.  Most Newfoundlanders are out of cold beer and have begun drinking the warm ones that hadn’t yet had a chance to make it to the fridge.  Unless power is restored in time for the liquor stores to open tomorrow it is expected that absolute chaos and pandemonium will sweep through the region… Wrestlemania style.

In all seriousness though, it does look pretty bad over there so somebody should probably go and help them out.


One Response to “State of Emergency has Newfoundlander’s Jonesin’ for a Cold Drink”

  1. At least the guy filming has food, sounds like he’s eating a bag of chips through the whole video.

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