Lovely Voice, Lovely Face

At the time I first watched this video there were just under 500, 000 views of it on youtube.  The quality of this video makes me think that I’m doing something wrong in life.  Rather than taking the low brow approach on this one and pointing out the obvious greatness of this video I’ll point out the hidden gems.

1.  I’m not 100% but I think the mascots from the Vancouver Olympics might be over her right shoulder.

2.  Notice the large picture of Dale Earnhartd Sr. on her wall when she leans forward.

3.  Impeccable air guitar.

4.  The chicken slash bus driver dance she does during the outro.

5.  Her uncanny ability to accidently harmonize with the actual song playing in the background.

6.  The drool sliding down the right corner of her mouth.

7.  Her very profound and distinguished mustache.

8.  Her “bye bye now” comment at the end.

9.  The fact that there are more videos of her on youtube.

10. I have to state the obvious here…SHE ONLY HAS ONE TOOTH!

4 Responses to “Lovely Voice, Lovely Face”

  1. I threw up a little in my mouth, I couldn’t stomach the close-ups.

  2. I think my favourite hidden gem in this video is the knee slapping before she breaks into her big air guitar solo!

  3. Are you sure that this is a HER??

  4. Please allow me to make a few corrections.

    1. I believe the dolls over her right shoulder are Raggedy-Anne and Andy, though perhaps some bastardized retarded versions.

    2. The lovely specimen in this video actually has TWO teeth. While in absolute terms that is not a startling difference, this is effectively 100% more teeth; no doubt very significant for our youthful protagonist.

    3. The picture in the background is Richard Petty…cum on Whole Ball of Wax. Every God fearin ‘Merican knows that. Get ur fax strate.

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