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Terry Fox – The Greatest Canadian

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On September 2, 1980, Terry Fox was forced to end his courageous Marathon of Hope just outside of Thunder Bay, ON after running for 143 days and covering 5, 373 kilometers across Canada.  Terry’s campaign to raise cancer awareness and overcome the disease came to an end when he died nine months later on June 28, 1981.

Terry’s Marathon of Hope began with little fan fair when he dipped his prosthetic leg into the Atlantic Ocean near St. John’s Nfld on April 12, 1980.  By the time he reached the Ontario boarder Terry had reached rock star status as thousands of Ontarian’s lined the streets in support of his efforts.   Among the supporters was Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby Orr who presented Terry with a personal cheque for $25, 000.  Terry considered meeting the great Bruins defenceman as the highlight of his journey of hope.  By the time Terry’s cancer had spread to his lungs and was forced to abandon his efforts, his Marathon of Hope had raised $1.7 million.  One week later CTV held a telethon that raised another $10.5 million in support of Terry and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Terry’s influence around the world was so prominent that as his health worsened and his fait became imminent Pope John Paul II sent Terry a telegram informing Terry he was praying for him.  When Terry died, the Government of Canada ordered all flags across the country lowered to half mast and Prime Minister Trudeau addressed the House of Commons stating, “It occurs very rarely in the life of a nation that the courageous spirit of one person unites all people in the celebration of his life and in the mourning of his death….We do not think of him as one who was defeated by misfortune but as one who inspired us with the example of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.”

Since Terry’s death, the annual Terry Fox Run has become the world’s largest one-day fundraiser for cancer research while raising more than $500 million.  Tomorrow is the 30th running of the Terry Fox Run, which coincides with the T.V. premier of Into the Wind on TSN 2 co-directed by British Columbian and NBA star Steve Nash.   This film celebrates the life of Terry Fox while addressing his state of mind and thoughts and reflections throughout his Marathon of Hope.

In 2004 Terry Fox finished second to Tommy Douglas in CBC’s campaign to determine The Greatest Canadian.  With respect to the great efforts of Tommy Douglas and his creation of universal public health care, Terry Fox should have been declared The Greatest Canadian. Terry was everything a good Canadian should be.  Intelligent, driven, dedicated, passionate, humble and inspiring are only a handful of adjectives that consummate the person that was Terry Fox.  His legacy must not and will not ever die for he is The Greatest Canadian.


Rule No. 1 – Don’t Mess With “The Hof”

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Today I inquired with the LC as to when Dancing with the Stars fires up this year.  The most specific answer she could give was “pretty soon” which was good enough for me.  Show’s like Dancing with the Stars don’t typically tickle my fancy because the stars are usually “C” class hacks that don’t deserve to have their names and the word star in the same sentence.  This year’s show isn’t much different than years past with the likes of dopey eyes Audrina from The Hills and “The Situation” from Jersey Shore joining the cast.  However, these two fame whores are over shadowed by a real star… “The Hof”.  That’s right former Baywatch star and now walking sideshow David Hasselhoff is in this year’s Dancing with the Stars.  “The Hof” is definitely a star worth tuning in for.

Apparently “The Hof” has already begun choreographing his first routine.  It is reported that “The Hof” will run onto the stage in slow motion to his own song “Looking for Freedom” after crushing 30 plus beers.  He will then proceed to try and eat a hamburger while flopped down on the ground like a mermaid.  While doing so, he will take credit for the Berlin Wall coming down and mention that his burger is a mess after he fails numerous times to put it in his mouth.  All the while, his Dancing with the Stars partner will be recording the entire routine on her phone and comment that he promised not to drink that night. Just when you think the routine couldn’t get any better, “The Hof” will stumble to the judges station and “X” himself out of the competition.

It’s kind of a satirical dance but mostly it’s just “The Hof” being “The Hof”. A.K.A. awesome.

Prediction:  “The Hof” will not only win Dancing with the Stars, he will be the only star that survives his awesomeness.

Should be a good one!


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I saw about the first two minutes of the MTV Music Video Awards the other night and that was more then enough for me.  At that part of the show Lady Gaga was dressed like a rooster which I felt was a little over the top.  I also felt really bad for the dude sitting behind her because her rooster hat was completely obstructing his view.  I woke up the next day to hear on the radio that later in the night Lady Gaga changed into a dress made of meat and accessorized with a meat handbag.   People keep talking about how outrageous and cutting edge Lady Gaga is and continue to compare her innovative style to that of Madonna in the 80s.  What no one has seemed to notice about Lady Gaga’s meat dress is how cheap it was.   As far as I can tell all she did was throw her skanky labia over her shoulders and call it a dress.

Yep… I just went there!

CFL… So Hot Right Now… So Hot

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The CFL showed its legitimacy as a league yet again today when the Edmonton Eskimos hired sexual assaulter Eric Tillman as their new GM.  Apparently the talent pool is so small for people actually wanting to work in the CFL that the teenage diddler was the best the Eskimos could round up after a marathon search.  Tillman sexually assaulted his kid’s 16-year old baby sitter after listening to Hayden’s “Bad as They Seem” last summer.  Apparently he wanted to prove the lyrics in the song could be more then just a dream.   In addition to playing grab ass with teenage girls, Tillman was a prescription drug addict at the time of the incident.  Tillman has obviously had ample time to overcome his vices after pleading guilty to his charges earlier this year.

In addition to the Eskimos hiring Tillman, the city of Edmonton also employed the services of Anton Dodson today who came up with the city’s new slogan, “Hide ya kidz, Hide ya kidz babysitta, and hide ya pain medz cause evy buddy gettin assaulted up heya!”

Bowling – East Coast Style

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Due to popular demand here’s my second video blog.  The LC and I went on a double date to the local bowlarama and I had to record a video of just how ghetto the bowling situation is here on the East Coast.  People in the Maritimes are so in the dark about bowling technology they speak of automatic scoring like it is science fiction and refer to real 10-pin bowling as “Big Ball Bowling”.

Great fisherman on the East Coast though… so they have that going for them.

In Your Face Bitch! In Your Face!

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I was shown this video last night and had to post it.  My three favourite parts in the video include the following:

1.  The video is called “Hot Girl Gets Watermelon in the Face – OUCH!”  It should be called “Average Looking Whiny Girl Gets What She Deserves… IN THE FACE!”

2. In the slow motion shot it looks like the average looking girl’s head actually falls off her body… that would have been awesome!

3.  After the average looking girl gets a full load in the face, notice the jester in the background step out of character and walk up to her looking around to see if it’s ok that he step out of character because the average looking girls head just fell off her body.

I’ve never watched the Amazing Race and I don’t think I will start because I can’t see it getting any more entertaining than this one minute and eleven second clip.

Miss U.S.A – Making Women Feel Smarter Since 1952

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Question:  Do beauty pageants such as Miss USA degrade women?

Answer:  I personally believe that people like Martin Luther King and Kings and Queens are U.S. American’s that just know what they want. In U.S. America we are lucky to have people like these that set such good examples for people like these as such.  Some countries in Asia like South Africa and other countries like these such as, don’t have people with good examples and people so it is imporant for U.S. American to have pageants to show them and the Iraqs what U.S. American’s are for of.  I know for myself, the Iraqs are a dangerous place and that’s why we need to support our troops and bring them home because I am just so proud to be of U.S. America as such as.

Thank you.

This post is brought to you by the intelligence demonstrate in this video.  Note AC Slater’s smirk at the end of it.

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