Bedroom Tour

Very sorry that Chris Athey videos keep getting posted but we at The Whole Ball of Wax just think she is just the best.  This video really gives as an idea of the person behind hit songs like “Sunny D and Rum (YUM YUM)”… A Behind the Music if you will.  Enjoy the video and then enjoy the analysis of the video.

Wood Panelling is very appealing to the eye.

Brett Michaels is the best… but Blade is better.

She lives in West Virginia (West Virginia Mountaineers).

A Democrat.

Looney Toon curtains always complete a room.

Crushing on Hue Grant.

Makes her bed.

Her bottle collection consists of 3 Snapple bottles… not bad… not great either.

Her hand looks like it’s swollen… but it’s not.

Her left thumb nail is really dirty.

She has to sit down after 3 minutes… probably because she is tired.

She really likes Brett Michaels and Poison.

One hell of a set of pipes on her.

She thinks showing us her T.V. in AUX mode is interesting footage for a minute and thirty seconds.

Great Miss Piggy impression.

4 Responses to “Bedroom Tour”

  1. It appears as though a small roach scrambles from the curtain when she pans to show her window. Perhaps a termite devouring her wood paneling.

  2. Correction… Her bottle collection consists of 6 Snapple bottles.

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