Now That’s a Spoon!

As I write this, the 30th miner is being raised to the surface in Chili after being trapped in a collapsed mine for almost 70 days.

To be perfectly honest I haven’t followed this story exceptionally close.  I was aware that the situation existed but other then that I wasn’t overly interested in the story.  For 69 days there wasn’t really anything to report other then on the very slow progress of digging a rescue shaft.  However, I did tune into CNN this morning to watch and listen to the play by play of the capsule being raised and lowered in the rescue process.  Although this rescue operation was a tremendous feet this was about as interesting as a mayoral election.  Despite this, I did hear a good joke about the rescue capsule today.

What do the rescue capsule and Jeff Finger have in common today?

Answer:  They are both heading to the miners (minors).

Awesome jokes aside, it sounds like the 33 Chilean miners might have actually had it better in the collapsed mine for 69 days then they do in their actual lives.  Various foods, toiletries, clothes and other goods were continuously lowered down to the miners to keep their unfortunate situation as tolerable as possible.

Apparently, there was a waterfall in the cave that allowed the men to shower daily so soap and shampoo were sent down.  The men wanted to look good for their loved ones upon resurfacing so they asked for shoe polish and razors so they could shave.  The images I saw of the men resurrecting from the collapsed mine showed men that were healthy and full of vitality.  I did hear one guy might have obtained the black lung though… cough…. cough.

The most interesting thing about this whole situation is that apparently all 33 men have made a pact to not talk about their first 17 days in the collapsed mine together.  It seems awfully strange that they have chosen to only talk about days 18 to 69.  The speculation is that they are saving that part of the story for a book or perhaps a movie.  That may be the case but if I were to hazard a guess I would say there is one reason they made a pact to not talk about the first 17 days.  It starts with an “or” and ends with a “gy”.  I’m no scientist but I would say humans do crazy things when facing death.  These Chilean miners are no exception.  I’m sure it started out as a 33-man spoon in an attempt to stay warm and one thing led to another.

Nonetheless, it is nice to see a disastrous situation turn into a success story, as it appears all 33 men will be safely above ground by midnight.

5 Responses to “Now That’s a Spoon!”

  1. I enjoy the play on words. I wonder if Jeff gave Ron Wilson the “finger” after he was told to hit the bricks.

  2. Love the blog pic on this one boot. It did seem like they didn’t have it too bad down there though. When I saw picks on the front of the paper of the miners coming up I couldn’t tell who was a miner and who were the rescue crew.

  3. What do you get when you throw a piano down a mine shaft?

    -A Flat Miner

    mmm, yes, mhmmm…delicious pun.

  4. Nothing like a good pun joke.

  5. […] so I’m not surprised by the popularity of the miner costumes. I wrote about the miners on The Whole Ball of Wax last month and discussed how the miners were basically given whatever they wanted in order to make […]

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