She’s Back and Better Than Ever

Most people watch this video and see a fat disgusting girl with two teeth and a goatee grabbing at her excess.  When I watch this video I see a girl with a lot of spirit, a great sense of humor and a sensational personality.  Why is it that I see the good in Chris Athey and YOU see the bad?  Easy answer, I’m a good person and you are not.  A better question is what does Don Draper see when he watches this video?  Easy answer again, Double D sees whatever he wants to see and he sees it while smoking, drinking and cheating on his wife.

2 Responses to “She’s Back and Better Than Ever”

  1. Not bad, a bit disappointed that she doesn’t know the words, but the dancing is top notch!

  2. Agreed, Josh. Choreography points for the boob grab during the chorus.

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