The Talk Features Six Geese a Laying

I was watching T.V. this afternoon and a show called The Talk came on.  At a glance The Talk appears to be exactly the same as The View but with lower profile hens as the show’s hosts.  The LC informed me that The Talk has claimed to be vastly different from The View.  I’ve been in a few chicken barns in my day so I feel qualified in deciphering the difference between hen parties.

The View features up to five hosts for any given show plus featured guests.  The five regular hosts are comprised of acclaimed news correspondent Barbra Walters, actress Whoopi Goldberg, comedian Joy Behar, actress Sherri Shepherd and some bitch named Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The Talk on the other hand features up to six regular hosts per show.  The Talk boasts the exceptional talents of Big Brother host Julie Chen, Darlene from Roseanne, Jack Osbourn’s mom, some black woman, Stacey Carosi from Saved by the Bell, and some other hack.

Aside from providing continuous examples of how to cluck over someone, both shows tackle riveting issues like how to roost, various egg fertilizing positions, how to lay both white and brown eggs, the difference in corn, wheat, and oat mash (food), how to keep your feathers permanently ruffled, and how to determine if your rooster is faithful or not.

I have looked at these two shows from all angles and the only thing I can find that separates The Talk from The View is that The Talk has a coffee table infront of their couch and The View does not.  Aside from this, these two shows are basically the exact same chicken coop with a different name on the door.

It’s honestly exhilarating stuff!

One Response to “The Talk Features Six Geese a Laying”

  1. if you look at the early episodes of the view, they too, had a coffee table to talk around

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