Man vs Food vs Reduced Life Expectancy

The technology of television is unbelievably fascinating to me.  When I was a kid watching wrestling in the 80s, TV’s were pieces of furniture that sat on the floor of the living room and weighed about 300 lbs.  Now, TV’s are pieces of art mounted on walls that are no thicker than a Gordon Korman book and weigh about 30 lbs.


The evolution of TV’s over the last 20 years is both impressive and remarkable. What’s not impressive and remarkable is how dormant and contradictory TV programming is on a nightly basis.  For example, The Biggest Loser on NBC documents the physical and mental process of morbidly obese individuals as they learn to drastically alter their lifestyles while competing against each other to lose the most weight.  This is both a positive and educational show that most North American’s can actually benefit from.   On the other hand, you can flip to OLN on any given night and find a show called Man vs. Food.  For those that have not seen this show, Man vs. Food basically takes everything positive The Biggest Loser has achieved over the last 10 years and marginalizes it with every 30-minute episode.   Man vs. Food follows a guy named Adam Richman around America as he exhibits unique American comfort food and attempts to complete a nearly impossible food eating challenge.


Man vs. Food is everything that is wrong with North America.  It promotes excess, greed and poor manners.  If this guy came over to my place for dinner and talked with his mouths full as he moaned with ecstasy, I would have no choice but to thank him for his awkward compliments and kick him the fuck out of my home.  Adam Richman is 30 lbs away from being the likable chubby guy that showcases food around America to competing on the next season of The Biggest Loser.


So basically what I’m trying to say here is The Biggest Loser is like a 50 inch plasma mounted on your wall; while, Man vs. Food is like the TV in my grandma’s basement.  It’s outdated, clunky and uses a rotary dial to change the channel.

3 Responses to “Man vs Food vs Reduced Life Expectancy”

  1. That’s just his job you cant really knock a guy for doing his job. Besides it takes over a week to film just one episode. He exercises and eats mostly vegetables when he isn’t doing the show. I also have a 50″ flat screen and I do agree with you that technology has come a really long way. I work for Dish Network and also subscribe and I get the best use out of my TV with the most HD in the industry. I agree that the show may be bad for certain people with an eating problem, just as a show about beer wouldn’t be right for a person who has issues with alcohol. I am a fan though, and I am just a skinny guy.

  2. derek smith Says:

    I also respectfully disagree as this is a show created for entertainment. His moaning and poor table manners are to present how ewwy gooey good the food is and to make the restaurant look good.
    These are eating “challenges” and not how he are anyone should eat on a regular basis. The problem with American obesity is that they have a mentality that causes them to eat like this on a regular basis.
    There is nothing wrong with an occasional indulgence, and he only displays restaurants who can accommodate this.

    How often a person visits these establishments is their responsibility and not his. You can’t blame Adam or the show for how easily led American TV viewers are, that’s just typical American attitude (placing the blame on others for their own lack of self control)


      Well unlike everyone else, I think you are right. Although I don’t think that he should be punished, I do think the show should be cancelled because the show advertises flagrant diners that shouldn’t have such “challenges” to even tempt customers in.
      Parts of America live in poverty and I think it’s beyond cruel that people should even overindulge like that.
      It’s like showing off money to someone who is poor, it is unfair and I don’t think shows like that should air on tv.
      Also, as scientists and humans are being more careful about their weight and obesity rates and shows like this are being aired then mixed messages are being sent out to members of the punlic.

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