This Needs to Stop

There’s been a lot of fan mail coming in as of late asking about the LC and what she is up to.  In order to dispel the rumors that she has succumb to the Fun Dip, it is my privilege to announce that The Whole Ball of Wax’s gossip insider has started up a side project with three others called, This Needs To Stop.  This blog dabbles in a plethora of topics ranging from Bruce Jenner’s unreal hair to movie reviews.  This blog is so hot and hip it makes US Weekly look like an aborted fetus on the floor of a McDonald’s washroom after a homeless guy shit himself in the stall while smoking crystal meth.  I’m personally so inspired by this blog that I’ll be coming out with my own sex tape next week.

In the words of Kenny Powers, “Perez Hilton, you’re fucking out!  This Needs To Stop, you’re fucking in!” Pffffffffff.

2 Responses to “This Needs to Stop”

  1. Check out LC’s blog and while it by no means holds a candle to the Whole Ball of Wax there was some amusing articles on there. I would like the staff at the Whole Ball of Wax to know though that reading the tweets on the side of the blog may be my favourite part. I do not subscribe/partake in Twitter but find the brief fix on the side of the usual posts to be thoroughly fulfilling.

    Regular subscriber,

  2. Love Sly’s blog, but if it makes US WEEKLY look anything like you described, I’ll have to pop by there as well.

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