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Miss U.S.A – Making Women Feel Smarter Since 1952

Posted in People with tags , , on September 11, 2010 by Jordan

Question:  Do beauty pageants such as Miss USA degrade women?

Answer:  I personally believe that people like Martin Luther King and Kings and Queens are U.S. American’s that just know what they want. In U.S. America we are lucky to have people like these that set such good examples for people like these as such.  Some countries in Asia like South Africa and other countries like these such as, don’t have people with good examples and people so it is imporant for U.S. American to have pageants to show them and the Iraqs what U.S. American’s are for of.  I know for myself, the Iraqs are a dangerous place and that’s why we need to support our troops and bring them home because I am just so proud to be of U.S. America as such as.

Thank you.

This post is brought to you by the intelligence demonstrate in this video.  Note AC Slater’s smirk at the end of it.


Hey! Hey! Hey! What is Going on Here?

Posted in Education with tags , , , on July 26, 2010 by Jordan

I was walking home from work today and I saw a driver-training car that was a smart car.  I thought that was a rather good choice for a driver-training car.  When you first learn to play soccer or basketball you learn with a smaller ball so it only makes sense that you learn how to drive with a smaller car.  It would definitely make learning to parallel park easier… well, for most of us… but not all (you know who you are).  Anyway, when I saw this tiny driver-training car I instantly thought of the driver-training car in Saved By the Bell.  Were they Derek Ferrel with that thing or what?  It was a three-wheeled golf cart and they actually drove it in the school.  What are you going to learn driving in Bayside High School? There are only two hallways and a staircase in that school and the hallways are both like 20 feet long.  There were a lot of hazards though.  Nerds climbing out of lockers, flying footballs, skateboarders and of course oil slicks from Slaters mullet.

The research staff at The Who Ball of Wax worked extensively and tirelessly to find the following clip so we can all recall just how budget and bush Saved By the Bell actually was.

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