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Perfect Parenting

Posted in Education with tags , , , , on July 30, 2010 by Jordan

I came across this video a couple of days ago and it is worth a watch because of its reassuring message.

Out of all the movies a grade 2 class could recreate I can’t think of a more perfect choice!  This was a bang on recreation of not only the dialogue from this famous Scarface scene but it is also a bang on recreation of the Scarface set.  Note the pile of popcorn on the desk replacing the giant pile of coke that is on Tony’s desk in the actual movie… Perfect!

There are a couple of things that really spoke to me when watching this video.  I loved when the classic looking nerdy teacher was spotted on stage directing the armed small child towards his classmate so he could shoot him in the back.  While obtaining my Bachelor of  Education degree we were continuously told to encourage students to emulate gangsters, drug dealers and murders so props to this teacher for actually transferring the practicality of this message into the actual classroom.  I also really enjoyed the line from Tony, “I’ve got a fudging joke for a wife.”  I think this is a perfect message to send to young boys.  These young kids are going to be men some day and the sooner they learn the appropriate way to talk to women the better.  So, I think it’s safe to say these kids are on the right track.  The last point of note is that it’s great to see parents so enthused about their children’s school play.  My parent’s always attended my bush school plays and acted like they were enthused… I’m sure they weren’t… well I’m sure at least half of them weren’t that enthused but it was always nice to see them in the crowd.  These kids clearly have the same support I had as a young lad.  However, their parents did provide them with something my parents never did.  I don’t recall my parents ever whistling and yelling, “YEAH!” after I shot one of my buddies on stage and told him that he “fudged with the wrong guy.”

I guess the whole point of this post is to state that we can all rest easy knowing that kids are learning what they need to learn in school to become productive members of society upon their exit from an academic setting.  Today’s children are being nurtured by histories finest generation of teachers and parents who are clearly committed to fostering a greater human race.  I conclude this post knowing full well that the world is in good hands and we have nothing to fear.

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