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Dinner with the Potato Head’s on Potato Island

Posted in Travel with tags , , , , , , , , , , on June 13, 2010 by Jordan

A couple of weeks ago the LC and I travelled to Cavendish, P.E.I to attend a dinner party with the Potato Head’s and Anne Shirley.  I hadn’t been to P.E.I for a number of years so I was really looking forward to it.  Also, Mr. Potato Head and his wife are always a riot when we get together so it is always an adventure to see them.

Anne's HouseThe weather was great and the beaches were empty so it was a real peach of a weekend in Cavendish.  The dinner part was no exception… a complete gong show from start to finish.  We show up to Anne’s house and there were like 30 Japanese tourists peaking in her windows taking pictures with some of the most spectacular looking cameras I had ever seen. We were a little early so we sat down with Anne and had a few Raspberry Cordials and she told us of all the mischief she had gotten into that day.  Then the Potato Head’s walked in.  What a mess those two are!  Mr. Potato Head’s glasses were on his butt, his eye was coming out of where his arm should be and his hair was on his right foot.  Mrs. Potato Head was a little better but she was missing a nose and she had a man’s hairdo for some reason… I don’t know which was more distracting.

Anyway, when we sat down for dinner Mrs. Potato Head kept asking if things smelled all right and Mr. Potato Head kept saying, “Yes, it all smells fine.  You’d be able to enjoy it more if you remembered your nose!”

She would retaliate with, “You’re one to talk, your glasses are on your ass.”

To which Mr. Potato Head replied, “At least if I put my glasses on the right side of my head I would have a nose to rest them on.”

“At least my hair is on the top of my head.”  Mrs. Potato Head shouted.

“At least my hair suits my gender!” Bellowed Mr. Potato Head.

“Stop it, you’re making a scene.” Whispered Mrs. Potato Head.

The LC and I just looked at each other snickering under our breath.  It was at this point one of the Japanese tourists crashed through the window and snipped off one of Anne’s famous red braids!  The rest of the Japanese tourists proceeded to snap pictures of the dinner party through the broken window which caused Anne to run to her room crying and Mrs. Potato Head to become hysterical and faint.  This promptly ended the dinner party before it was finished.  The LC and I supplemented our half dinner with a bag of chips and a bottle of water from the local ESSO gas station.

A trip well worth it!

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