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The chorus to Rod Stewart’s song “Ooh La La” goes,

I wish – that – I knew what I know now when I was younger

I wish – that – I knew what I know now when I was stronger

I’m not very old so I don’t often find myself longing to go back to grade 6 so that I can demonstrate the unreal math skills I obtained in high school.  Nor do I long to go back to novice hockey and be the only player on the team that knows where to stand on a 1-2-2 forecheck.  What I do long for is to go back in time with the technologies the world has today.

Think about this!

You’re fighting against the British in the Battle of Waterloo and all the British dummies line up in a stupid line 50 paces away from you (like the idiots all soldiers seemed to be back in the day).  Then, before the British have time drop to one knee and listen for the “fire” command, you pull out a XM312 .50 cal machine gun (I assume this is a sweet gun… Wikipedia told me so) and you mow down the entire British army before any of them have time to say, “Blow Me” (look up the British meaning).  You then become Napoleon’s best friend who you later kill with your XM312 .50 cal machine gun and become the ruler of France!


You travel back to the 1910s and are playing hockey for the Toronto Blueshirts.  However, you take all the best gear with you and modern training methods and systems.  You finish the 12 game season with 537 shots on net and 534 goals because lets face it goalies had no idea what they were doing back in the day and all players appeared to be in slow motion.  Which is funny because if you watch old WWI videos it looks like all the soldiers are marching at an incredibly fast pace.  So, if hockey players look like they are skating slowly they must hardly be moving.


You’re living in Portugal in the 15th century and competing with Spain for sea and trading supremacy.  The king of Portugal is looking for some more territory to expand the Portuguese Empire and obtain much needed resources.  The king is displeased with the explorers he has commissioned to find this new land because they can’t seem to figure out how to not sail in circles.  You go to the king with your private jet and tell him you’ll find new land 5000 kms away and be back by dinner.  He says, “No way!”  You do it, and marry 534 Portuguese Princesses (One for each goal you scored in the 1912 NHL hockey season) and live happily ever after with your private jet in the 15th century.

Glee: Two Thumbs Up For A Refreshing Idea But One Hand Over My Eyes For Bringing The Awkward!

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It seems that everyone is talking about the show Glee lately and I must say that the concept and content of Glee is both progressive and refreshing.  For those who haven’t seen the show, Glee is about a glee club that struggles to find their way in an athletically centered high school.  In their daily lives, the glee club address a number of sensitive issues like teen pregnancy, bullying and racism while putting their own spin on popular songs along the way.

On paper, I am a huge fan of this show and in many regards I actually do like it but GOD does it bring the awkward on a consistent basis!  One of my favourite things about live theatre is closely watching the ensemble as they over act and desperately try to upstage the stars of the show.  Glee provides me this same joy on a weekly basis every time they break into another musical number.  The rather flamboyant character Kurt is the best to watch in my opinion.

Despite every character in the show having the acting talent of the ensemble of Cats, the main character Mr. Schuester brings the awkward like no other.  It’s honestly tough to describe how awkward this guy is unless you’ve seen the show, but picture John McCain, Monica Lewinsky, Big Country Reeves and Dr. Phil having a kitchen dance party naked and that’s pretty much how I feel every time Mr. Schuester appears on screen.

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