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What Happens When Bo Jackson Eats a Big Phil Combo at Taco Bell?

Posted in Grind My Gears with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 16, 2010 by Jordan

The answer to the question in the  title is of course Adult Body Odor.

Every year when the weather gets a little nicer and the temperature gets a little warmer the scent of spicy B.O. can be found filtering throughout the air and every year I continue to be shocked that this occurs.  I understand that it is cold in the winter and the odds of casual sweating are slim but when it gets warm there is no excuse for adults smelling the after math of a Taco Bell binge.  You see, there is this section in every grocery store dedicated to personal hygiene.  In this section there are these little stick things called deodorant.  They range in price from about $1.99 to $6 and it’s almost a certainty that one brand will be on sale at any given time.  Consequently, the cost of one of these little sticks is less or equal to the cost of a single beer.  The beauty about one of these sticks is that it last for about 2 or 3 months where a beer only last for about 10 minutes.  Moreover, it costs mere pennies to deodorize one’s self on a daily basis.

The point to this is, it really grinds my gears when fully grown and seemingly responsible adults walk around like there B.O. doesn’t stink…. Because it does.  Don’t get me wrong; I am fully aware that sometime deodorant wears off towards the end of the day.  I am also aware that if one uses the same deodorant for an extended period of time ones body seems to adopt immunity to such deodorant rendering it completely ineffective and useless.  All I ask is that you be prepared.  If you notoriously have bad B.O. do something about it because your scent is affecting my life.

I don’t typically have a B.O. problem (I guess I’m one of the lucky ones) I do have farts the reek.  I don’t however; walk around like my shits don’t stink.  I wish there was a pill that existed that made my farts smell likely freshly baked cinnamon buns but there isn’t.  There is however deodorant that makes one’s armpits smell like a mountain glacier.  So stop grinding my gears and use it!

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